Monday, February 16, 2009

easy and simple Black Forest Cake

I made this cake with readymade choclate cake mix. i wanted to ease my work a little.
if you want to make the choclate cake too from scratch check this video and the rest process of assembling is same.

shopping list :
click on the pic to zoom and see the ingredients and you can match them according to the ingredients i mentioned below.

Ingredients :

A. For cake :

1.Devil's food cake mix (pic 1)
2.Eggs - 3 (as mentioned on the cake mix pack)
3.Vegetable oil - 1/3rd cup (as mentioned on the cake mix pack), i used canola oil.
4.Water - 1 1/3 cup (as mentioned on the cake mix pack)

B. Cherry Filling

1. Maraschino cherries without stem - (pic 2)
2. Corn startch - 2 tbsp

C.Whipped cream icing

1 . Heavy whipping cream - 2 cups (pic 3)
2 . powdered sugar - 4 tbsp ( if u want to add more add it)
3 . cherry syrup - 1 tbsp (or use 1 cap of vanilla essensce )

D . cherry syrup

1. maraschino cherry syrup - 2 tbsp (pic 6)
2. sugar - 1 tbsp
3. water - 1/2 cup

E . Cake assembling

1 . semi sweet choclate shavings - of 1 bar(3.5 oz)(pic 5)
2 . Maraschino cherries with stems - 8 (patted dry)


1 . Mix the devil's food cake mix according to the instructions given on the backside of the cake mix.

2 . grease the pan with oil/butter or add an parchment paper and flour along the pan. i.e; add a spoonful of all purpose flour(maida) to the pan and shake the pan so that maida coats the pan evenly.

3 . bake it in the oven according to the instruction given on the cake mix pack. i baked it in two 8 inch round pans and it took 45 mins for me.

4 . meanwhile the cake in baking we can get ready with the icing and the filling.
before that ...keep an empty bowl in freezer(the bowl which u want to use for whipping cream)and keep even the beaters of the hand blender in freezer.and have some ice cubes ready for later use.

filling :

5 . drain the juice out of marashino cherries and reserve the juice for later use,cut the cherries into half and keep aside.

6. In a pan add the drained cherry juice and let it boil for few minutes then add the cut cherries to it and at last add corn startch..

7. corn startch has to be mixed in water and add that water to the cherry mixture,this will thicken the cherry filling.

8. so after adding corn startch mix it for a min and keep the pan aside and let the mixture cool down.

filling is ready now lets prepare icing

Icing :

9 . Use the bowl which we kept in the freezer add whipping cream to it then beat it slowly for few minutes then add icing sugar , and cherry syrup (or vanilla essensce)

10 . beat it in high now until soft peaks are formed (pic 4). do not over beat. over beating breaks the whipped cream and makes it like butter so use caution.

11 . set in in freezer for 1 hr makes icing easier...

once the cake is ready and cooled down completely...scrap of the layer of cake if you want to level the cake..
then add the cherry make cherry syrup..just mix all the ingredients which i mentioned above .
add cherry syrup to the cake layers to make it more moist and juicy.

finally Assembling the cake

12. take an 8 inch round cake ...Using a piping bag filled with cream,
pipe a circle of whipped cream around the cake.

13. place cherry filling that we prepared in the center of the circle and spread out evenly.

14 . also add add some icing on the cherries and spread again.

15 . place the second layer of cake on top .

16. spread the icing all over the cake and smoothing over the sides.

17 . pipe any borders for the cake if you want then add choclate curls in the center of the cake..add cherries with stems and decorate your cake.

Videos that might be helpful :

1 . how to whip cream if you dont have hand mixer

2 . how to whip cream with hand mixer

3 . how to whip cream with hand mixer video 2

4 . cooking cherry filling

5 . eggless choclate cake

6 . making heart shape black forest cake

7 . How to make choclate curls video 1(shavings for decoration)

8 .how to make choclate curls video 2(shavings for decoration)


Indian Khana said...

Sinful wonder it is..looks mind blowing....perfect I should say

Shivali said...

wow,yummy.Can i have a bite?

ARCHANA said...


thanks a lot for dropping by.
thanq dear for the comment.


yeah it was tasting yummy...opps but i finished the cake already...will call you when i make it next time ...thanks for dropping by ankita

Gayathri said...

Hi Archana
Nice blog...and yum recipes... :)
Cake looks so inviting, wanna have a bite....... :)
Happy Blogging :)

Unknown said...

What a lovely cake - Love that you made a shopping list for things we need - that is a very cool idea! I have a cake event on my blog... please check it out dear!